Eco Farm

Organic farming is a practice, it is the way our grandparents did farming, without chemicals. And now we are going back to doing the same, being good Samaritans of the earth and instilling the same in as many farmers as we can.

Rest easy knowing
that you are

eating good, clean food.

Grains & Pulses

Cold Press Oil & Honey


“Organic farming
is healthy for

us, plants, animals, water
systems and the planet,
need we say more?”

our farmers’ network

We encourage organic farming and support tribal farmers. Getting a fair price helps us strengthen local agriculture. We have our own farms and the farms of those with whom we share the same values. Together, we use organic farming as a voice to tell the world, this is what we believe in.

Bringing you the
original locally
grown bounty

Bringing you the freshest produce from Tribal Farmers:

Farm to Table

We deliver straight from the tribal farmers to your doorstep.

Traditional methods

Growing fruits and vegetables in the most organic way.

More nutrients

Organic ingredients have high nutritional value.

Empowering communities

Supports local agriculture by encouraging small scale rural farming.


Where goodness & freshness come together

We frequently organize Farmer’s Market where farmers and local producers gather to sell their freshest goods directly to the people. We started this to get local farmers a fair price for their hard work and to increase awareness about Organic and Chemical-free practices.

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