We understand that a farmhouse in nature is a sanctuary meant for you and your family. That’s why we build communities of like-minded people who explore and appreciate nature without disturbing its harmony. We strive to make your second home nothing short of a dream by supporting you through every step.

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Choosing land for a farmhouse

Owning a second home is truly an exciting prospect but there are a lot of factors you need to take into consideration. From finding the right piece of land, understanding legalities and having proper infrastructure and safety. We build large communities that are clear of the processes and legalities and follow strict sustainable practices. So relax, you are in safe hands!

Checking all the boxes before conceptualizing

We take a good look at all the aspects before arriving at the way forward like analysing the weather conditions, inspecting the existing topography and the biodiversity around. We work closely with you and help you explore the possibilities of construction for your second home that best suit the environment and your dreams in the most sustainable and least evasive way.

Adding green value to the second home construction

We take a holistic and structured approach along the entire process. We don’t just construct houses but build sustainable eco-communities that we are proud of. Our team passionately marries green construction practices to contemporary designs, material and techniques. You can count on our team’s extensive knowledge and skills to turn your vision into reality.

Helping you maintain your farmhouse

Stay close to nature and amongst like-minded individuals who value nature as much as you do. Our communities are built with stringent rules, regulations and sustainable infrastructure. We have also devised the right mechanism to ensure your second home can be maintained over the years.

“Our guidelines are
in sync with our

sustainability goals & foster
a sense of responsibility
among the community.

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Our Guidelines

Land Use

  • Each plot has 70% natural forest
  • Trees form a natural compound
  • Protecting existing trees, slopes & streams
  • Multiple check dams
  • Recreate ecological landscape


  • Raised plinth on stilts to avoid disturbing the land
  • Control on roof slopes and the material used
  • A definite natural palette for material
  • Fragmented plan for a sense of openness


  • Native Indigenous Plantation
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Soil Conservation
  • Reed Bed System
  • Vermiculture
  • Renewable Energy

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